Wednesday 11 May – Saturday 14 May: Cities of Sound @ Kraak Gallery

How do we hear? What do we hear? How do we shape our sonic en­vir­on­ment? More than half of the world’s pop­u­la­tion now lives in cities, but do we no­tice what our new hab­itats sound like? How does human pres­ence im­pact on the acoustic reality? Raise Your Voice Col­lective present an in­ter­active en­gage­ment with ideas of the city, living and lived-in sys­tems, the facts of urban life, and the sounds that these produce.


Kraak Gal­lery • 11, Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DB (map)
Open daily: 11am – 6pm

Opening Night

Join the Raise Your Voice En­semble from 6:30pm on 11 May for a spe­cial per­formed in­tro­duc­tion to the ex­hib­i­tion, fea­turing new com­pos­i­tions, im­pro­visa­tions and ex­per­i­mental elec­tronics, plus a laptop and Bug­brand Mod­ular Syn­thes­izer set from spe­cial guest Richard Scott re­flecting on the sounds of Manchester past and present.


Pond Life III — Patrick Sanan & Sam Salem

A col­lab­or­a­tion between Cali­for­nian math­em­atician Patrick Sanan and Manchester-based com­poser and artist Sam Salem, Pond Life presents viewers with a tactile in­ter­active ex­per­i­ence. Using pro­gram­ming that mimics evol­u­tionary sys­tems, the lu­minous in­ter­face pro­jected onto a tank of water al­lows vis­itors to in­teract with an eco­system whose be­ha­viour re­veals per­haps the paths of humanity’s earliest mi­gra­tions and the first found­a­tions of set­tle­ments as the di­gital or­gan­isms gather around pre­cious nat­ural re­sources, rep­res­ented by dif­ferent col­oured light. []

Hô: a Sonic Ex­ped­i­tion to Vi­etnam — Ri­cardo Climent

presents the gal­lery vis­itor with the op­por­tunity to nav­igate their way through an ima­ginary sonic ex­ped­i­tion to Vi­etnam. Using a large steering wheel re­min­is­cent of that of an old sailing ship, the viewer moves their way through a series of au­di­ovisual puzzles un­cov­ering in the pro­cess the unique sound­world and cul­ture of Vi­etnam.
em­ploys open-source soft­ware tech­niques to offer the gal­lery vis­itor a computer-game-like ex­per­i­ence in which the usual visual para­meters are re­leg­ated in im­port­ance in fa­vour of a focus on acoustic exploration.

A Scrap­book of Metro Sounds — Kaho Cheung

Whether known as le métro or the un­der­ground, the subway or rapid transit, the sound of trains rat­tling through tun­nels is a key fea­ture of the sound­scapes of many of the world’s biggest cities. From 2007 to 2010, artist and com­poser Kaho Ch­eung trav­elled around the world col­lecting re­cord­ings of these trans­port sys­tems. The in­stall­a­tion A Scrap­book of Metro Sounds al­lows the gal­lery vis­itor to make vir­tual acoustic jour­neys between Hel­sinki, Tokyo, Bangkok, London, Berlin, Stock­holm, Hong Kong, New York, Athens, Bar­celona, San Fran­cisco and Valencia, re­vealing in the pro­cess a glob­al­ised net­work of sim­ilar sounds, but also the subtle cul­tural vari­ations in the de­ploy­ment of this most everyday of technologies.

Plus: Field re­cord­ings and tape music.